The financial sector is changing rapidly: where the focus used to be on reporting on the past, now the financial professional has to understand the present and make predictions about the future, for example about faster processing, cost savings and new market opportunities. More and more data is becoming available for this purpose, which requires analysis and advice skills from the financial professional.

That is why the School of Finance (FEM) has developed an (M)OOC on Business Analytics in 2017/2018. This online course is divided into five cases in which students will practically work with fictitious data from well-known companies. In the course the student will learn to analyze and interpret the data using data analysis tools such as PowerBI, Tableau, Excel and Disco in order to provide future-oriented advice. Read more about the content of the course in this brochure or take part in the course via

In the video below, Erik Horsthuis, instructor in business economics and developer of the first Saxion (M)OOC, explains the reason for sharing educational resources.

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