There is an increasing need for information on, and knowledge of, the circular economy (CE) in the business sector. This need has an effect on (higher) education.

In addition to the obvious development questions in the field of raw materials and technology, there is a need within the business community, but also within the government, for knowledge about organisational and business models that align with the development of the circular economy. Several higher education institutes are therefore exploring the design of practical education about the CE, in which the professional field and students work together on business models. A total of 6 Dutch higher education institutions (4 organizing, 2 participating) have decided to take up this challenge together. Together they will share and reuse materials in the field of CE.

On 1 September 2020, the learning materials will be made widely available as a high-quality package in the form of an (M)OOC. The materials will be compiled into a coherent course and will be offered in both Dutch and English via the EdX platform.