If you want to share your educational resources, it is advisable to take this into account when developing the material. SURF’s Roadmap for developing and openly sharing your own OER shows you how you can share your educational resources openly and what you need to bear in mind so that your learning resources can be reused by others.

Do you want to publish an open textbook within higher education? Het Versnellingsplan published an roadmap for developing an open textbook (in Dutch). It contains good practices, instructions for, and expertise on publishing open textbooks.

Would you like support in developing and/or sharing open educational resources? Email openonderwijs@saxion.nl.

This text is a derivative of Roadmap for developing and openly sharing your own OER by SURF and Stappenplan: Maak je open tekstboek! by Versnellingsplan with a CC BY 4.0 licence.