In the bachelor programs business administration, public administration, business studies and human resource management, an increasing amount of educational resources is being developed and implemented on the theme of lifelong development. It is about stimulating employees to continuously develop themselves in order to remain valuable for work that is fundamentally changing due to technological developments, globalization, new forms of organization and other forms of work relations.

Until now, educational resources on this theme have been developed and used in a highly individualistic way. Moreover, there are few suitable textbooks/learning materials available within this theme. Teachers and professors from six Universities of Applied Sciences, including Saxion, are therefore joining forces to create a professional community in which they collaborate to open up, develop and manage a coherent collection of OERs that will be actively used at each of the institutes.

This project started in the spring of 2020. As soon as results from this project are available, the link to the relevant website will be placed here.