The large number of OER can make it difficult to find relevant and high-quality learning materials. That is why the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) and the Saxion library have compiled top 10s of OER on common subjects. The top 10s are intended to inspire and motivate you: to show you what valuable OER are available and can be used in your education (see page Adapt).

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Introduction to BusinessThis Introduction to Business course, with text, video and simulations, develops students’ understanding of business fundamentals with learning design structured around timely, real-world case studies and examples. Key topics include the role of business, the global economic and legal environment, ethics, marketing, accounting and finance, and managing processes and operations.Open Course
International BusinessInternational Business is one of the most challenging and exciting courses to teach in the Business School. To teach a current, dynamic and complete course you need a textbook by authors as passionate and informed about International Business as you are.Open Textbook
Business EthicsBusiness Ethics is designed to meet the scope and sequence requirements of the single-semester business ethics course. This title includes innovative features designed to enhance student learning, including case studies, application scenarios, and links to video interviews with executives, all of which help instill in students a sense of ethical awareness and responsibility.Open Textbook
How to Design a Successful Business ModelIn this business and management course, you will learn the key steps to take to design or innovate your own business model. You will learn about the trade-offs to be made, and the design issues that are critical for a viable and sustainable business model.OpenCourseWare
Human Resource ManagementHuman Resource Management teaches HRM strategies and theories that any manager—not just those in HR—needs to know about recruiting, selecting, training, and compensating people.Open Textbook
Human Resource ManagementExamine business practices and laws that help business managers create a better and more effective working environment. Subjects include job analysis, recruitment, training, performance measurement, compensation, safety, and labor relations.Open Course
Digitale MarketingAndreas van der Weijde, Docent Digital Marketing bij Saxion, vertelt alle ins en outs over Digital Marketing.Video
Principles of MarketingDesigned to teach students the foundational principles of marketing in the digital age, this course uses current case studies and engaging, real-world scenarios to help students recognize and analyze marketing in business as well as in everyday life. Curated OER readings, videos, simulations and other learning activities introduce students to the principles of marketing.Open Course
Principles of MarketingTeaches the experience and process of actually doing marketing. It carries five dominant themes: Service-dominant logic, sustainability, ethics and social responsibility, global coverage and metrics. In this second edition, there is more emphasis on omni-channel marketing, social media in marketing and other components of the digital media revolution. Open Textbook
Small Business Management in the 21st CenturySmall Business Management in the 21st Century offers a unique perspective and set of capabilities for instructors. The authors designed this book with a “less can be more” approach, and by treating small business management as a practical human activity rather than as an abstract theoretical concept.Open Textbook