The large number of OER can make it difficult to find relevant and high-quality learning materials. That is why the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) and the Saxion library have compiled top 10s of OER on common subjects. The top 10s are intended to inspire and motivate you: to show you what valuable OER are available and can be used in your education (see page Adapt).

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Introduction to SociologyIntroduction to Sociology - 2e adheres to the scope and sequence of a typical, one-semester introductory sociology course. It offers comprehensive coverage of core concepts, foundational scholars, and emerging theories. The textbook presents section reviews with rich questions, discussions that help students apply their knowledge, and features that draw learners into the discipline in meaningful ways. The second edition has been updated significantly to reflect the latest research and current, relevant examples.Open Textbook
Human Behavior and the Social Environment IThat’s what we are here to find out – Human Behavior and the Social Environment (HBSE) – How do they connect? How does it shape us? Why do we think and feel the way we do?Open Textbook
Health, Law and Emerging Technologies (HeLEX)Podcasts of events and lectures taking place at HeLEX, investigating law, ethics, and practice in the area of emerging technologies in health.Podcasts
Introduction to Social Work at Ferris State UniversityThis book was written by MSW students as their final project for their Capstone class. Students were each assigned a chapter of the book to write to show that they had achieved competency as a Master’s level social worker. Chapters were assigned based on student interest and experience in certain areas of the field.Open Textbook
Public Health Ethics: Global Cases, Practice, and ContextThis textbook contains chapters for each public health area. Most of the areas are more-than-adequately covered, from newborn blood spots to fluoridation of drinking water and everything in between.Open Textbook
Creative Clinical Teaching in the Health ProfessionsThis peer reviewed e-book is a must-read for nurses and other health professionals who strive to teach with creativity and excellence in clinical settings. Each chapter presents current evidence informed educational practice knowledge. Each topic is also presented with text boxes describing ‘Creative Strategies’ that clinical teachers from across Canada have successfully implemented. For those who are interested in background knowledge, the authors provided a comprehensive literature base. And, for those interested mainly in 'what to do,' the text box summaries offer step-by-step directions for creative, challenging activities that both new and experienced instructors can begin using immediately.Open Textbook
eHealth: Combining Psychology, Technology, and HealthHow can technology make you healthy? Learn about the design, application, implementation and evaluation of eHealth.Open Course
Ultrasound Imaging: What Is Inside?What is an ultrasound scan, and how do they work? Discover the science of ultrasound and understand its clinical uses.Open Course
Healthy Systems for Universal Health Coverage : A Joint Vision for Healthy LivesThis paper proposes a joint vision for health systems strengthening (HSS) toachieve universal health coverage (UHC). It is intended to be a key referencedocument for the International Health Partnership for UHC 2030 (UHC2030),as well as a broader resource for the global community to inform collaborationon the HSS and UHC agenda. The vision outlines health system performance dimensions and policy entry points to promote UHC through HSS, including critical action for the way forward and principles to guide action.Open Textbook
Philosophy of Technology and Design: Shaping the Relations Between Humans and TechnologiesLearn about the impact of technology on society. Explore the philosophy of technology and mediation theory, focused on design.Open Course