The large number of OER can make it difficult to find relevant and high-quality learning materials. That is why the Teaching and Learning Centre (TLC) and the Saxion library have compiled top 10s of OER on common subjects. The top 10s are intended to inspire and motivate you: to show you what valuable OER are available and can be used in your education (see page Adapt).

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PsychologyPsychology is designed to meet scope and sequence requirements for the single-semester introduction to psychology course. The book offers a comprehensive treatment of core concepts, grounded in both classic studies and current and emerging research. The text also includes coverage of the DSM-5 in examinations of psychological disorders. Psychology incorporates discussions that reflect the diversity within the discipline, as well as the diversity of cultures and communities across the globe.Open Textbook
Introduction to PsychologyIntroduction to Psychology, by Jorden A. Cummings (Associate Professor, Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan) and Lee Sanders (Sessional Lecturer, Department of Psychology, University of Saskatchewan), has been created from a combination of original content and materials compiled and adapted from several open educational resources (OERs).Open Textbook
Introduction to PsychologyThis comprehensive, ready-to-adopt Introduction to Psychology course provides thorough coverage of all topics covered in a typical introductory course, including biological psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, social and personality psychology, and mental and physical health.Open Course
Noba Project
Psychology as a Biological Science
Introduction to Psychology
Discover Psychology
Textbooks from the Noba Collection.
Expertly compiled from Noba modules to fit the scope and sequence of common courses. Use them as-is or customize them to fit your needs. Instructor manual, PowerPoint presentations, and test bank available for many modules. Different subject e.g. Biological Psychology.
Open Textbook
Organizational behaviorThis OpenStax resource aligns to introductory courses in Organizational Behavior. The text presents the theory, concepts, and applications with particular emphasis on the impact that individuals and groups can have on organizational performance and culture. An array of recurring features engages students in entrepreneurial thinking, managing change, using tools/technology, and responsible management.Open Textbook
Organizational behavior/Human relationsIn this course, students are introduced to the field of organizational behavior and learn how to analyze the impact human behaviors have on an organization. Students will also learn strategies to influence the behaviors of individuals to improve an organization. The course covers topics from individual and organizational differences, to motivation and stress, to management and organizational structure.Open Course
Lifespan DevelopmentGrowth and development through the lifespan including physical, social, cognitive and neurological development. Topics covered included day care, education, disabilities, parenting, types of families, gender identity and roles, career decisions, illnesses and treatments, aging, retirement, generativity, and dying.Open Course
Principles of Social PsychologyHelping students organize their thinking about social psychology at a conceptual level.Open Textbook
Cognitive psychologyHistory of cognitive psychology. The brain. Methods of research. Memory. Working memory. Problem solving. Creativity. Reasoning. Decision making. Perception. Attention. Classification and categorization. Open Textbook
Educational PsychologyThis course teaches educators how to handle the many psychological struggles of today’s day and age as a educator. Topics such as student diversity, students with special educational needs, and student motivation will be covered to provide educators with the tools they need to help their students achieve success.Open Course